Rachel Hogan

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Rachel Hogan is member of Kilfane handball club and is one of their top juvenile players. Rachel attends St. Brigid`s College Callan where she represents the  school in handball and camogie.



Eamonn Law sports star winner 2009(player of the year)

All Ireland U15 (40x20) Doubles 2008 (winners)

All Ireland U15 (60x30) Singles 2009 (winner)

All Ireland Senior Colleges (60x30)2010 (winner)

8 Leinster medals of various grades

Gael Linn Finalists 2007

Cummann na mBunscoil Finalist 2005

County Champion U16 (40x20) final 2009 and 2010

County Champion U16 final (60x30) 2010

U11 County Champion 2005

U15 Singles (60x30) All Ireland Finalist 2008 (Runner Up)

U16 Singles (40x20) All Ireland Finalist 2009 (Runner Up)

Ladies Junior Doubles All Ireland Finalists 2010 (Runner Up)





2  U18 County Championship Medals 2009 and 2010.

1  U16 County Championship Medal 2008

1  U14 County Championship Medal 2008

1  U14 Leinster Medal with Kilkenny 2008

1  U16 Leinster Medal with Kilkenny 2009

1  All Ireland Senior Colleges A Camogie Title

    With St. Brigids College, Callan 2009