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2014 County one wall

posted 27 Jul 2014, 10:48 by ger doyle   [ updated 27 Jul 2014, 11:53 ]

2014 county one wall

A great day at the one wall in windgap the games were played in brilliant sunshine.

there were some great games please see the list of winners attached. 

Thanks to the players who traveled to support this great event the Windgap club for hoisting it and to the ladies who supplied the spectators and players with a variety of food stuff from barbecue burgers sausages sandwiches and  cakes 

A great day was had by all  



Dan Breen (Kells) def Emmet Landy (Windgap),

Dan Breen (Kells) def Fergal Lalor (Talbots inch)

Dan Breen (Kells) def P.J O'Brien

Ciarain Neary (Talbots inch)  def Fergal Lalor (Talbots inch)  

Ciarain Neary (Talbots inch) def Emmett Landy

Ciarain Neary  (Talbots inch) def P.J.O'Brien

P.J.O'Brien def Fergal Lalor (Talbots inch)

Final:- Ciarain Neary (Talbots inch) def Dan Breen (Kells) 16-10

Masters A (1)

Tom O Keeffe (Kilfane) def Jimmy Holden (Kilfane),

Tom Dooley (Kilfane) def ,Eamonn Purcell (Windgap)

Tom O Keeffe (Kilfane) def Eamonn Purcell (Windgap)

Eamonn Purcell (Windgap) def Jimmy Holden (Kilfane)

Tom O Keeffe (Kilfane) def Tom Dooley (Kilfane)

Tom Dooley (Kilfane) def Jimmy Holden (Kilfane),

Masters A (2)

Jimmy Purcell (Windgap) def Michael O Shea (Windgap),

Martin Lalor (Talbots inch) def Ray Ryan (Kilfane),

Michael O Shea (Windgap) def Ray Ryan (Kilfane),

Michael O Shea (Windgap) def Martin Lalor (Talbots inch)

Jimmy Purcell (Windgap)  def Ray Ryan (Kilfane),

Martin Lalor (Talbots inch) def  Jimmy Purcell (Windgap)   

Final  Winner 1 v Winner 2

Tom O Keeffe (Kilfane) def  Jimmy Purcell (Windgap)13-8

Masters B

Ned Lawlor (Clogh)  def Jimmy  Shanahan (Kilfane),

Michael Dalto (Kilkfane) def Shane Doyle (Windgap)

Final:- Ned Lawlor (Clogh)  def Mick Dalton (Kilfane) 15-12


Final:-n Marie Walsh (Kells)  def Deirdre Purcell (Windgap) 16-6

2014 One wall action

Thanks to Orlaith O'Shea for the photos