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KILKENNY HANDBALL Gael Linn Under 13 Mixed Doubles 2015

posted 6 Jan 2015, 13:51 by ger doyle   [ updated 7 Jan 2015, 10:00 ]

Galmoy (A)    Billy Drennan /Kelly Ann Ryan  (B) Daniel Hanrahan /Aine Duggan.       

Clogh  (A)      Kyle Dunne/ Amy Brennan       (B) Jamie Maher/ Nichole Dowling                 

Kells (A)        Joe Cowhig/Olivia Mahony     (B)Tomas Leahy/Breanna O’Dwyer                  

Windgap (A)   Jack Doyle /Rosin Foley          (B) Eoin O'Brien/ Emer Dunphy

Mothel (A)      Tristan Roche/Angela Fahy      (B) Josh Dempsey /Noelle Dowling Kilfane:         Peter McDonnald Roisin O'Keeffe                      


Saturday January 10th at 12noon

At Galmoy

1.      Mothel (A)  v  Galmoy (B)

2.     Clogh (A)  v  Kells (B)

3.     Windgap (A)  v  Winner (1)

4.     Winner (2)  v  Winner (3)


 At O’Loughlins

1.     Clogh (B) v Galmoy (A)

2.     Mothel (B) v Windgap (B)

3.     Kells (A) v Winner (A)

4.     Kilfane  v Winner (B)

5.     Final Winner (3)  v  Winner (4)


Ø Format  

                                    Girl v Girl     10minutes

                                    Boy v Boy     10minutes

                                    Pair  v Pair   15 minutes

       Ø Aggregate Scores decide Winner.


Ø If tied pair to play one game to 11.


Ø Ball Challenger No 2.

 Winners from Galmoy  and O’Loughlins venues will represent

Kilkenny in the provincial finals