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40x20 Inter Club Juvenile League 2015

posted 3 Apr 2015, 01:20 by ger doyle


Group A                                                                                 Group B

Clogh                                                                                      Galmoy 1

Galmoy 2                                                                                Glenmore

Goresbridge                                                                            Kells 1

Kells 2                                                                                     Kilfane

Windgap 1                                                                              Windgap 2


Wednesday April 8th   7.30

Galmoy 1  v  Kells 1                                                               at Galmoy

Glenmore  v  Windgap 2                                                         at Glenmore

Goresbridge  v  Clogh                                                             at Goresbridge

Kells 2  Windgap 1                                                                 at Kells


Friday April 10th   7.30

Windgap 2  v  Kilfane                                                                        at Windgap

Glenmore  v  Galmoy 1                                                           at O’Loughlins

Galmoy 2  v  Goresbridge                                                       at Galmoy

Clogh  v  Windgap 1                                                               at Clogh


Tuesday April 14th   7.30

Kells  1 v  Windgap 2                                                             at Kells

Glenmore  v  Kilfane                                                              at Glenmore

Windgap 1  v  Goresbridge                                                     at Windgap

Galmoy 2  v  Kells 2                                                               at Galmoy


Friday April 17th   7.30

Galmoy 1 v  Kilfane                                                               at Galmoy

Kells 1 v  Glenmore                                                                at Kells

Windgap 1  v  Galmoy 2                                                         at Windgap

Kells 2  v  Clogh                                                                     at Clogh


Tuesday April 21st   7.30

Windgap 2  v  Galmoy 1                                                         `at Windgap

Kells 1  v  Kilfane                                                                   at Kells

Kells 2  v  Goresbridge                                                           at Goresbridge

Clogh  v  Galmoy 2                                                                 at Clogh




Friday April 24th   7.30

League Final  Winner Group A  v  Winner Group B              at O’Loughlins


1)     Players who have represented Kilkenny in Leinster Championship U12 to 17,  or on 12/13, 14/15 or 16/17 teams, or have won feile div 1,2,or 3. Also (A) club players from under 12 to under 17   are not eligeble to play in this tournament. 

2)     Teams to consist of at least 5 singles with a minimium of one doubles. Clubs are encouraged to play girls. 

3)     Games consist of 2 x 11 ace games. With point per game. With a  maximium of 12 points on offer.

4)     Clubs who field less then the required 6 official entries must forfit 2 points per match. Players can't play twice on the night. If player has to play twice  2 point must be forfeited.  

5)    Clubs can enter a many teams as they wish. Players must stay on their first choice team.

6)    Clubs to contact each other to arrange game's.

7)    Rresults  email to Juvenile officer or  tx to 0872286565



 Oifigeach na nÓg Liam O'Luibh