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Leinster 40x20 Championships 2015 Fixture List 12 updated

posted 9 Feb 2015, 12:38 by ger doyle

Wednesday, February 11th    2015

Tinryland (Kevin Barrett  to arrange referees)

7:30      MD Keith Armstrong/Daniel Kavanagh (Wd) v  Ciaran Flanagan / Michael Varley (Dn)

8:00      MD Dan Curry/Aaoron Patterson (Wicklow)  v v Shane Dunne/Padraig Cooney (Kk)

At Garryhill  (Sean Ryan to arrange referees)

7:30pm  ID  Brendan Burke/Ciaran Neary (Kk)  v  Peter Hughes/Paul Lambert (Wx) 

8:00PM   LJD    S. Hughes/A, McCormack (Dn)  v  T. O’Toole/S. Merrigan (Wd)

At Borris  (David King to arrange referees)


7:30    LMS  Hannah Dagg (Kildare) v  Aoife Holden (Kilkenny)

8:00 pm GMAD  Egin Jenson/Ptr (Dn)  v  Jimmy Purcell/Eamonn Purcell (Kk)

At Ballymore (Mick Dowling to arrange referees)

7:30pm   GMBD Martin McKenna /Kevin McKenna (Dn) v John Duggan/Jimmy Shanahan (Kk)

8:00pm   ID    Ian Griffen/Adrian Benson (Dn) v  William Love/ Daniel Love (Kk)


At Leixlip (Andrew Diggins to arrange referees)

7:30pm  RMS   John Molloy (Dublin) v Eugene Kennedy (Dublin)

8:00pm  GMBD  Anthony Mulligan/Ptr  (Westmeath)v  Paddy Kelly/Charlie Kelly (Louth)

At Monavea (Patsy Dowling to arrange referees)

 7:30pm  O35B  Barry Ramsey /Danny Deane (Cw) v John Morrissey/John O'Neill (Kk)

8:00pm  DMAD     Billy Mullins/Jim Guilfoyle (Oy) v Sean Ryan/John Rossiter (Cw)  

At O’Loughlins (Brigid Mulholland to arrange referees)

7:30pm  JD  Daniel Fenlon/Ollie Ryan (Cw)  v Darren O’Toole /Malachy Whelan (Wd)  

8:00 SMBD James Travers/Kevin Kelly (Kildare)    v  Mick Armstrong/Phil Coleman (Wexford)


At St. Joseph’s (Tony Breen to arrange referees)

7:30pm SMBD  Robert Doyle/Ricky Barron (Wd)  v  Tom Cummins/Richard Ryan (Wd)


8:00pm  MsBD    Damien Kelly/Ned Connors (Wd) / Barry McWilliams/Robert Byrne (Wd)  v

             John Roche/ David Redmond (Wx)

At Cullohill (Eamonn Doheny to arrange referees)

7:30pm  LJBD Christina Donoghue/Serina Dempsey (Oy)   v   Kirsty Maher/Denise Love (Kk) 

8:00pm  MAD  Conor O’Brien/Brian Doherty (Oy)  v  Michael D. Walsh/D.J.Carey (Kk) 

At Clogh. (Ned Mahon to arrange referees)

7:30pm   JD Jerome Willoughby/Keith Kavanagh (Ww) v Noel O’Brien/Sean Ryan (Oy) 

Thursday 12th February 2015.

At Ballymore (Mickey Dowling to arrange referees)

7:30pm   EMAD  Jimmy Reilly/ Anthony Mc Connell (Mh)  v  Benny Doyle/Jm Doyle (Wx)

8:00pm   SMAD   Tom O’Keeffe/Tom Dooley (Kk) v  Mick O Donnell/ Fergal Ryan (Dn)

Friday February 13th 2015

At Monvea (Patsy Dowling to arrange referees)

8:00pm   LJBS  Niamh Dunne (Laois) v Ashling Maher (Kilkenny)


Saturday , February 14th 2015

Garryyhill  (Sean Ryan to arrange referees)

4:00pm  035AD   Gavin Buggy/Tommy Hynes (Wx)  v  Edward Bourke/Ptr (Kk)

4:30pm      RMD      Tony Campbell/Dermot Howard (Ke)  v Michael Dalton/Jim Dooley (Kk)

At Ballymore (Mick Dowling to arrange referees)

4:30pm  SMAD Tom Sheridan/John Leahy (Mh) )  v  Chris Dunne/Paul Dowling (Kk)

At O’Loughlins (Brigid Mulholland to arrange referees)

4:00p   U21D   Fergal Lalor/Mark Dowling (Kk) v J.J.English/Brian Mahon (Kk

At Coolgreaney  (Tony Breen to arrange referees)

5:00  LJS   Tanya O’Toole (Wexford) v Marguerite Gore (Wexford) 

At Monavea (Patsy Dowling to arrange referees)

4:00pm DMBD  Eamonn Sunderland/Mick Doyle (Cw) v Joe Anthony/Liam Mahon (Kk) 


At Tinryland (Kevin Barrett to arrange refcerees)

4:00pm JBD  Diarmuid Burke/Anthony Martin (Kk)  v Michael Donovan/Pauric Buggy (Ls)


Sunday February 15th 2015-02-05

At Clogh. (Ned Mahon to arrange referees)


6:00 pm LJBD Ashling Maher/ Aileen Hennessy (Kk)  v  Karen Walshe/ Sarah Molloy (Kk)