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Fixture list 7

posted 19 Jan 2016, 13:28 by ger doyle

Tuesday 26th  January


Ballymore  (Gavin Grace  087 4153720  to arrange referees)


7:30pm   EMBS           Pat Funchion (Kilkenny)  v  Anthony Mulligan(Westmeath) 

8:00pm     ID               Ian Griffin/Adrian Benson (Dublin)  v  Keith Kavanagh/Ptr (Wicklow) 


Wednesday 27th January.


At Borris   (David King        087 6881722        to arrange referees)


7:30pm    LJS     Marguerite Gore (Wexford) v  Claire Love (Kilkenny)

8:00pm     JBD   Myles Carroll/Ivan Carroll (Kildare)  v  Wayne Kinsella/Padraig Doran(Wicklow)        


Garryhill  (Sean Ryan  087 2609720 to arrange referees)


7:30pm       SMAD     Pat Quaile/Eamonn Rice (Wicklow)  v  Mick O’Donnell/Fergal O’Riain (Dublin)

8:00pm   MBD        Conor Maxwell / George Ryan (Dublin)  v  Declan Jordan/Paddy Doyle (Wicklow)


O’Loughlins   (Brigid Mulholland  to arrange referees)


7:30pm   JBD  Darren Darcy/Geoffrey Atkinson (Carlow)  v Paddy Haughton/Jim Berry (Wexford)

8:00pm     JBD    Killian Gregan/Colm Gregan(Wicklow)  v  David Doheny /Mick Fogarty (Laois)         


At Tinryland   (Martin Clancy        086 1609157  to arrange referees)


7:30pm    EMAS    Mickey Dowling (Kildare)  v  Eamonn Purcell (Kilkenny) 

8:00pm    JBS         Stephen Smullen (Kildare)  v Anthony Martin (Kilkenny


At Leixlip   (Andrew Diggins  087 6181247  to arrange referees)


7:30pm   JS     Robert Fox (Meath)  v Keith Burke (Dublin)

8:00pm    JBD   Donnacha Colhoun / Eoin Redmond (Meath)  v  Alan O’Mara/David Nolan         (Westmeath)


At Horeswood  (Tony Breen   087 2060715  to organise Referees


8:00pm   Jamie Travers/Kevin Kelly (Kildare) v  Declan Jordan/Paddy Doyle (Wicklow)


St. Joseph’s Wexford    (Tony Breen  to organise referees)   


7:30pm            JBS   Niall Maher (Wexford)  v David Kenny (Wexford) 


At Kells   (Peter Reilly  086 8959171                        to arrange referees)


8:00pm   EMAS      Robbie McCarthy Snr    (Westmeath)    v  John Kelly (Louth) 


Cullohill  (Eamonn Doheny 087 6763200  to arrange referees)


8:00pm     JBD  Conor Smith/Dylan Quegan (Offaly)  v  Sean Foley/Cian Ryan (Kilkenny)         

Thursday 28th January.


At Monavea (Andrew Dowling        087 9152613  to arrange referees)


7:30pm    JBD    Wesley Smyth/Ptr (Kilkenny)  v  Stephen Smullen/Ciaran Thackaberry (Kildare)

8:00pm     GMBD   Martin McKenna/Kevin McKenna (Dublin)  v  Brendan & Billy Higginbottom (Kildare)

TBA   on Wedenesday 27th January


O35BS            J.Westlake (Dn)v  B. Caddell (Lh) v Fergal McWilliams (Wexford)


JS         (P. Buggy (Ls) / B. McWilliams (Wx)) v Darren O’Toole (Wexford)


All results (including walkovers) must be notified in one of the following methods:-

 i/ texted to 085-1743850

ii/ Emailed to

Failure to notify me may result in an unsuitable fixture for the next round.

Players who are unable to fulfil a fixture must contact

(a) their opponent(s)  (b) the venue secretary

(c) Leinster Secretary before the game.

A player who allows his opponent to travel and does not fulfil his fixture will be barred from the next two Leinster Championships.

All Players must wear County Colours.